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A New Habit for the New Year

Changing Your Team From The Inside chapters end with an activity for the readers to try. The exercise suggested at the end of the first chapter, titled Be The Change, is the Best Possible Self. When you follow the last link, you can learn how to do the activity and why you should absolutely try it.

Thanks to the newsletter from the Greater Good Science Center of the University of Berkeley, I was reminded of the activity. A newsletter you may want to subscribe to. You may even want to follow their flagship course on The Science of Happiness.

When you have a more optimistic vision of the future, you are more likely to take the necessary steps to get there, which means installing new habits in your days.

Last year, in the new year post for this blog, I talked a little about willpower, bringing back the previous new year post, mentioning Kelly McGonigal’s book The Willpower Instinct. Let me do it once again. Being harsh when you miss a day or a commitment, especially when you want to take on a good habit or quit a bad one, triggers guilt, which pushes you to seek comfort. Comfort you may want to find in the very thing you are trying to stop doing. In short: be kind with others and with yourself.

Speaking of habits, maybe you want to make a new habit of listening to exciting podcast episodes? What about you start listening to Creatures of Habit, another great episode of Hidden Brain, a podcast by Shankar Vedantam.

Whatever you pick as a new habit, I wish it will serve you well, and that you will achieve your best possible self in 2022.

All the best!

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