Alexis Monville (en)

The Science of Happiness

The Science of Happiness is presented as the first MOOC to teach positive psychology. An opportunity to learn science-based principles and practices for a happy, meaningful life.

I announced this in this previous article about The Happiness Advantage, I followed the ten-week course on until last week.

The most important finding, according to me, is that our happiness depends by 40% on our activities, and not on our genes or circumstances. So we can learn things that will change our day-to-day life, improve our relationships, and our health.

I want to thank the course instructors, Dacher Keltner and Emiliana Simon-Thomas for all the learnings that I put into practice, and that I try to transmit to others.

You can see them introducing the course in the video below.

I recommend this great course. If you are interested, a new “self-paced” session starts on December 1st: The Science of Happiness.

This course is proposed by the Greater Good Science Center of University of California, Berkeley.