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How to deal with your stars – Frank Jansen

In this episode, I had the great pleasure of having Frank Jansen join Le Podcast to discuss how to deal with stars.

In a previous post, Care Personally, I touched about how Kim Scott defines Radical Candor: Care Personally and Challenge Directly.

We started the discussion referencing how Kim Scott defines Rock Stars and Super Stars in her book: Radical Candor.

  • Rock stars are a source of stability for the team, people very talented, and they will keep doing it for years.
  • Superstars are a source of growth for the team; they want to change everything; they are looking to grow at their next level.

Frank explained how he supports the growth of people in his team, how he builds diversity in the team, how he creates the conditions of a fearless organization with the goal that the team is able to manage itself, and, in the end, how the team gets incredibly great results.

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