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  • Revisiting ‘Good Strategy Bad Strategy’

    Revisiting ‘Good Strategy Bad Strategy’

    In my latest reading journey, I revisited a cornerstone of strategic thinking, “Good Strategy Bad Strategy” by Richard Rumelt. This masterpiece, which I’ve always held in high regard for its insightful analysis and practical advice, struck a new chord with me, illuminating facets of strategy with even greater clarity. My return to Rumelt’s wisdom was…

  • Redefining Growth: Pearlside’s Vision Beyond Numbers

    Redefining Growth: Pearlside’s Vision Beyond Numbers

    To redefine leadership and organizational growth, looking beyond conventional metrics is essential. Recently, while discussing Pearlside‘s value proposition, I encountered a thought-provoking question regarding our milestones for growth at different scales – 50, 500, and 5,000 people. This moment of surprise sparked a deeper reflection on my true aspirations for growth and impact, leading me…

  • The Origins of the BEPS Navigator

    The Origins of the BEPS Navigator

    Navigating the bustling corridors of a 300-strong cloud infrastructure team, I witnessed firsthand the complexities and challenges of a large-scale software development setup. The traditional organization with its neatly partitioned functions – product management, software engineering, quality assurance, and the like – seemed efficient on paper, but it was far from optimal. We brought together…

  • The 67 days of the leadership challenge

    The 67 days of the leadership challenge

    The compilation of all the LinkedIn posts published over the summer of 2022 with the hashtag #67daysofleadership.

  • Another book discussion club

    Another book discussion club

    I believe I already told you a lot about the benefit of participating or facilitating a book discussion club. Last week, I received in a tweet another proof of that. I was amazed by the quality of the visualization the people from the book discussion club at Conserto came up with. Sebastien tweeted the visualization…

  • The 10 rules of Alan Mulally

    The 10 rules of Alan Mulally

    American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company by Bryce G. Hoffman is an amazing book. The New York Times said about it: A compelling narrative that reads more like a thriller than a business book. I could not have said it better! I posted a while back a quote from…

  • Human-Centric Agility Coaching

    Human-Centric Agility Coaching

    Geof Ellingham, Business agility champion and leadership coach, gave his insights about Agile Coaching in this new episode of Le Podcast.

  • The 4 BEPS Axes of a Leader

    The 4 BEPS Axes of a Leader

    The 4 axes of a leader emerged from conversations in which I was trying to explain what a manager is not expected to do. The attempts to tell people that they should not split the work items, or distribute the work between the team members were leading to a lot of incomprehension. With the help…

  • Time matter for a team

    Time matter for a team

    The fact that time matter for a team is not a controversial matter. I think we would all agree on that. The other aspect of time that we will all agree quickly on is that, not all time will matter the same way. We will not value an hour stuck in a traffic jam the…

  • How to deal with your stars – Frank Jansen

    How to deal with your stars – Frank Jansen

    In this episode, I had the great pleasure of having Frank Jansen join Le Podcast to discuss how to deal with stars.