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Another book discussion club

I believe I already told you a lot about the benefit of participating or facilitating a book discussion club.

Last week, I received in a tweet another proof of that. I was amazed by the quality of the visualization the people from the book discussion club at Conserto came up with.

Sebastien tweeted the visualization below after their discussion around my first book Changing Your Team From The Inside. You can bet that I know the structure and the content of the book fairly well. And, when I looked at it, I was struck by the quality of it!

In his tweet, Sebastien said: [the book] “offers a real path to initiate change for people, teams, and organization.”

In the replies, he added: “Very inspiring, lots of tools to draw. Can also be used when forming a new team.”

I am very grateful for those kinds of strokes. Please, keep them coming 🙂