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The Podcast Experiment

The Podcast Experiment

I tried a new experiment last month! I recorded a few podcast episodes:

  1. The first one answers one important question: “How to form a team?” I recorded it with Valentin Yonchev and Matt Takane from the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs.
  2. The second one is a celebration of the availability of Changing Your Team From The Inside as an audiobook, with Michael Reid the narrotor of the book.
  3. The third one is an answer to the question: “How to create great goals?”
  4. I recorded the fourth one with Jerome Bourgeon to answer the question: “Do cultural differences influence the adoption of agile”

Of course, I am interested in your feedback about that experiment.

Maybe you have ideas about change, or you have questions to ask, and maybe even you want to record the answer to a question with me?

Do cultural differences influence the adoption of agile?

Do cultural differences influence the adoption of agile?

In today’s episode, Jérôme Bourgeon and I will explore the question of cultural differences and their influence on the adoption of agile.

Spoiler, we don’t think that cultural differences are the real problem.

Jérôme is an agile coach with Zenika. He is based in Singapore.

Together we discussed:

  • build trust take a different amount of time
  • culture of companymatters more than countries (Jérôme used the model proposed by Frederic Laloux in his book Reinventing Organizations)
  • beliefs of people matter more than anything else
  • the power of appreciative inquiry and how to use it
  • accepting differences that are important for people

I am eager to hear your feedback, so drop me a note at alexis@monville.com, on Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also use those channels to propose the next question you want Le Podcast to answer. We can even record the answer together!


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