Alexis Monville (en)

About Me

Co-Founder of Pearlside, Chief of Staff, Start-up Advisor, Author, Keynote Speaker


As a seasoned leader and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in organizational development, I, Alexis Monville, co-founded Pearlside to sculpt sustainable and high-impact teams and organizations. My journey has been dedicated to mentoring emerging leaders and shaping cultures that resonate with innovation and collaboration.

At Pearlside, we pioneer all-inclusive leadership programs—Ignite, Elevate, and Thrive—meticulously crafted to support individuals and teams across their leadership voyage. From startups to scaleups, my expertise lies in steering entities through growth and transformation while aligning values to foster a vibrant culture.

My tenure as a Chief of Staff at Red Hat enriched my strategic acumen and operational effectiveness, enabling me to instill meaningful change. I bring this wealth of experience to my current advisory roles, integrating a profound understanding of open-source virtues like collaboration and community-driven progress.

My advisory approach is deeply rooted in a philosophy that a robust culture underpins startup resilience. As a startup leadership coach, I offer strategic insights and mentorship, underpinned by years of navigating intricate organizational dynamics. I partner with founders and teams to cultivate their cultural landscape, ensuring their values are lived and breathed within every aspect of their business.

I’m also keen to extend my impact beyond individual organizations. I actively seek board opportunities where I can contribute strategic oversight and foster cultures that are unique, effective, and adaptable.

If you’re in search of a passionate leadership coach or a board member with a rich background in open-source and a sharp focus on cultivating dynamic cultures, my unique mix of experience, strategic thinking, and dedication is at your service to propel your organization to new heights.