Alexis Monville (en)

About Me

Co-Founder of Pearlside, Executive and Leadership Coach, ex-Chief of Staff to Executives, Start-up Advisor, Author, Keynote Speaker


I am Alexis Monville, an accomplished executive and leadership coach deeply invested in sculpting sustainable, high-impact teams and organizations. As the co-founder of Pearlside, I’ve dedicated over 30 years to the art of organizational development, with a special focus on nurturing both executive and emerging leaders through the challenges and opportunities of leadership in today’s dynamic environments.

As an executive and leadership coach, I apply a wealth of experience to support the development of individuals at various stages of their leadership journey. My approach is personalized and grounded in the principles of Emerging Leadership. This philosophy emphasizes the natural development of leadership qualities within daily work and organizational culture.

During my impactful tenure as Chief of Staff to high-level executives at Red Hat, I mastered the intricacies of strategic leadership and operational effectiveness. This role deeply ingrained in me the value of open-source principles such as collaboration, community engagement, and transparency. These principles have become foundational to my advisory roles, where I guide organizations through growth, transformation, and the nurturing of vibrant, aligned cultures.

I am also the author of two books on change management and transformation, which have provided leaders with actionable insights for driving meaningful change within their organizations. My forthcoming book on Emerging Leadership aims to further this dialogue, offering a deep dive into how leaders can foster an environment where leadership qualities naturally emerge across all levels of an organization, driving innovation and sustainable success.

As a seasoned professional committed to the development of leadership talent, I am keen to contribute my expertise through board positions or direct coaching engagements. My goal is to offer strategic oversight and foster adaptable, effective cultures that resonate with the principles of Emerging Leadership.

If you’re seeking an experienced executive and leadership coach or a board member with a profound understanding of change management, scale, transformation, and the dynamics of emerging leadership, I am ready to help propel your organization and its leaders to new heights. Let’s connect and explore how we can collaborate to achieve your goals.