Great! You asked for more “versions” than expected!

Thank you to the subscribers to the mailing-list! I appreciate your support!
All the subscribers to the mailing list, before the launch, will receive a 25 % discount on all versions of the book. So please, continue to share with your friends and colleagues!

I am making good progress in finishing the book. The reviewers are doing a great job! Thank you folks! You are all amazing! I feel I am lagging behind, but we are getting there 🙂

Last month, I asked you what versions should be available. I received more answers than expected which is great! Among the responses, a fair number are asking for electronic only, paperback only, or both.

I also discussed with my friend and colleague, Julien Danjou, the author of  The Hacker’s Guide To Python and Scaling Python, on that topic of versions. His two books are available in different versions. The distribution of sales among the versions shows a real interest from readers for this variety.

The conclusion is straightforward, let’s satisfy all the needs with an electronic only, and a paperback and electronic versions.

Julien also told me that many people wanted to have the time to discuss with him about the book, and so he created a version to do precisely that. In your responses, there were several asks we could satisfy with a “team offer” that includes a discussion with the team.

And, there’s more! My friend Laurent Salsé from Fitnet Manager, the ERP for those who don’t like ERP, told me: what about a tool that transforms the recommendations of the book into concrete actions for the team! Definitely interesting!

You have more ideas about the book versions!  If it’s the case, please, send me a note right now and tell me! If nothing comes to mind, just say hello. I like getting to know the people who are interested in reading the book.