Alexis Monville (en)

Mailing List Subscribers to receive a 25 % discount on all versions of the book!

First of all, I would like to thank the subscriber to the mailing-list! I really appreciate your support! I am happy to announce that all the subscribers to the mailing list, before the launch, will receive a 25 % discount on all versions of the book.

I know that this offer leads to two questions.

1- Where is the book?

2- And, what do you mean by “versions” of the book?

To the first question, I need to ask for a little more patience. I am working on finishing the book. Which means more reviewing, more professional proofreading, and more rewriting on my side. I guess that I will need to stop that cycle at some point 🙂

To the second question, I discussed the idea to make the book available in different versions to satisfy the various needs of readers. The obvious first version is the book available in electronic formats. The second version is the paperback version of the book. But there’s more! Some reviewers already asked for the ability to engage their teams in a live discussion about the book and the challenges they face. So, I guess that this should define the third version.

Maybe you have ideas about what should be the versions of the book. If it’s the case, please, send me a note and tell me!

And if nothing comes to mind, just say hello. I like getting to know the people who are interested in reading the book.