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The First Edition Is Available

The first edition of Changing Your Team From The Inside is available! Check-out which version is the right one for you!

Thank you very much for your support along the way.

What I feel today is quite complex. At the same time, I am happy with a sense of accomplishment, AND, I am worried that it could be not good enough to be out in the world.

You will tell me!

I have to say that a very long feedback loop is not ideal. I am even discussing the importance of short feedback loop in the book. I will tell the story behind the book in a longer post during the week.

I need you to tell me what you would need to give to the book a five-star review. You know that people base their choices on reviews and recommendations, right? I need you to be honest even if you think it is brutal. Maybe I will cry a bit. I need you to tell me what you really think because I will use your feedback to update the book.

Of course, all customers will have access to all the updates of the electronic versions! So you will not only get access to it, you will help all the other readers and me! A big thank you for that!

If you are subscribers to the mailing list, you can ask for a 25% discount. For the electronic version, you have to lower the price down to the minimum. For the paperback version, drop me a note, and I will send you the coupon.

Thank you!





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