Great! You asked for more “versions” than expected!

Great! You asked for more “versions” than expected!

Thank you to the subscribers to the mailing-list! I appreciate your support!
All the subscribers to the mailing list, before the launch, will receive a 25 % discount on all versions of the book. So please, continue to share with your friends and colleagues!

I am making good progress in finishing the book. The reviewers are doing a great job! Thank you folks! You are all amazing! I feel I am lagging behind, but we are getting there ūüôā

Last month, I asked you what versions should be available. I received more answers than expected which is great! Among the responses, a fair number are asking for electronic only, paperback only, or both.

I also discussed with my friend and colleague, Julien Danjou, the author of¬† The Hacker’s Guide To Python and Scaling Python, on that topic of versions. His two books are available in different versions. The distribution of sales among the versions shows a real interest from readers for this variety.

The conclusion is straightforward, let’s satisfy all the needs with an electronic only, and a paperback and electronic versions.

Julien also told me that many people wanted to have the time to discuss with him about the book, and so he created a version to do precisely that. In your responses, there were several asks we could satisfy with a “team offer” that includes a discussion with the team.

And, there’s more! My friend Laurent Sals√© from Fitnet Manager, the ERP for those who don’t like ERP, told me: what about a tool that transforms the recommendations of the book into concrete actions for the team! Definitely interesting!

You have more ideas about the book versions!¬† If it’s the case, please, send me a note right now and tell me! If nothing comes to mind, just say hello. I like getting to know the people who are interested in reading the book.

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