Alexis Monville (en)

Cultivating a Global Culture: Lessons from Canva

📣 Have you ever wondered how some companies manage to preserve their culture while expanding on a global scale?

🔗 I came across an insightful article that delves into this very question, looking at how Canva—yes, the design platform we all love—has successfully maintained a unified culture while spanning across continents.

🌟 Key Takeaways:
1️⃣ Culture isn’t just an ‘HR Thing’: Canva places culture at the core of their acquisition strategy, ensuring both product and team alignment.
2️⃣ Autonomy & Integration: Canva adopts a thoughtful approach to incorporating new teams, allowing for strategic autonomy and gradual integration.
3️⃣ The Role of Physical Spaces: Whether it’s a co-working space or a campus, the choice of workspace reflects and nurtures the company culture.
4️⃣ Connection Beyond Proximity: Canva’s transition to remote work during the pandemic led to creative strategies, like “sacred lunch hours,” to keep the company culture alive.

🤔 These insights could be particularly relevant for startups and scaling businesses looking to maintain their core values while expanding. And yes, it’s directly linked to the quality of leadership at all levels.

👉 Here’s the article from Raconteur for a deeper dive!

✅ As we are working on launching a leadership development program designed to serve everyone regardless of their role, understanding the dynamics of culture is more critical than ever.

💬 Would love to hear your thoughts! How important is organizational culture in your leadership journey?