Alexis Monville (en)

This is Season Three of Le Podcast!

Season 3 of Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership features interviews with experts on leadership and related topics.

In the first episode, Jared Kleinert, the CEO, and co-founder of Offsite and the founder of Meeting of the Minds, discusses the importance of meeting in person in the future of work, the process and considerations for organizing offsites, the role of facilitation in building and deepening relationships. He also provides hiring advice from a serial entrepreneur.

The second episode features Laurence Duarte, a global management consultant who helps businesses protect and grow their reputation. The episode discusses the concept of reputation, its importance for a company, reputational risks, and steps for managing those risks. Laurence also discusses the importance of building a shield to protect against reputational risks and the critical trait of a leader.

In the third episode, Jurgen Appelo, a serial founder, successful entrepreneur, author, and speaker known for pioneering management practices to help creative organizations succeed in the 21st century, discusses his work on agility, innovation, and leadership, and provides insights on how to foster innovation in organizations and develop oneself as a leader.

The fourth episode features Ashley Freeman, a writer, facilitator, and coach. The episode covers Ashley’s work creating Flourishing Work and discusses topics such as developing a personal brand, building trust, the importance of continuous learning through book discussion clubs, and the essential traits of a leader.

The fifth episode features Philippe Coullomb and Charles Collingwood-Boots, who design processes for bringing individuals together to collaborate and solve complex problems. The episode discusses the factors that are important when bringing people together to work on complex issues, the role of facilitation in successful collaboration, the importance of context setting and engaging sponsors in collaboration efforts, the challenges and differences between hybrid and virtual collaboration, and the importance of the physical space for enabling successful collaboration.

The sixth episode features Joseph Jacks, the founder and General Partner of OSS Capital, a fund that focuses on investing in early-stage commercial open-source companies. The episode discusses the benefits of investing in open-source projects and companies, the motivations of people who contribute to open-source projects, and the importance of a key leadership trait in the open-source world.

In the final episode of the season, the BEPS framework is introduced as a tool for understanding a leader’s different roles and responsibilities and focusing on key areas for success. The BEPS framework consists of four axes: Business, Execution, People, and System. OpenAI interviews Alexis Monville, the creator of the BEPS framework.