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Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews contribute significantly to the success of a book — not a rocket science fact. When we go to platforms like Goodreads, we choose our next book based on the category, the title, the cover, the abstract, AND the ratings and reviews!

It seems that ratings and reviews account for a lot in our choices.

And because of all that, I need your help!

Could you please help the book Changing Your Team From The Inside to reach a wider audience?

It is straightforward:

  • Leave a rating on Goodreads
  • Leave a rating and a review on Goodreads
  • Leave a rating and a review on Amazon (If you already did Goodreads, you are one copy/paste away!)
    • Maybe you will be allowed to do the review only in your localized version of Amazon, please go for it!

I am asking that now because I am really proud of the second version of the book published at the beginning of April! I worked on the second version during the previous months with a fantastic team! John Poelstra and Michael Doyle did a tremendous job to help me improve the book! Thank you!

To celebrate, the second edition, the book is now available in Hardcover version on Lulu!


I chose to end all the chapters of the book, Changing Your Team From The Inside, with a section titled “Summary and Action”. The goal of those sections is to give you keys to act immediately on your environment. I heard great feedback about one of the practice. The practice is a way to guide one-on-ones when meeting new people. Another one is The Matrix of Principles that you could also test with the principles of the agile manifesto.

I also answered in a post to a question on how to create Team Agreements efficiently.


At the beginning of the month, I had the pleasure to participate in a fantastic event: Agile Games 2019. Here are three posts about the adventure: The worst presentation ever, OKRs! OK What?Agile Games New England 2019!


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