Alexis Monville (en)

The dream begins now

The first time I explain that to enable collaboration, we need to create the conditions of this collaboration between people, people approved… But I feel like it’s not really understood.

The idea that a meeting needs to be facilitated to help participants to achieve their goals is seen as animation… Like if it was only entertainment…

I lived an interesting experience that can illustrate this idea of “creating the conditions”. We joined friends for a weekend in an holiday village. It was a real discovery as we didn’t know the kind of village and the place.

When we arrived by car on the car park, several employees was waiting for them with big smiles on their face. They took care to explain to the three of us that they will take care of the luggages, indicates us where to park, and how to find our room.

The simple fact that they were smiling, welcoming, benevolent enable in a snap a total deconnection from the week. I was on holiday! Nice weather and nice place probably count also… But I am sure that it was their behavior that makes a real difference.

The last sentence pronounced by one of them reveal their intention : “The dream begins now”.

And it works, I was instantly on holiday, and those one and half day spend there was really restful.

This can makes us think of the behavior we will adopt during our next appointment or meeting?