Alexis Monville (en)


I am currently studying solutions around skills development and assessment. Doing this, I found SurveyReport. Video presentation is very attractive. I decided to test the solution because of the peer to peer review.

My first intent was to send the survey to one of my contacts to obtain his feedbacks.

Mishandling (yes… I am very tempted to blame the UX) I sent the survey with the default “Corporate Survey” message to more than 1,000 of my contacts.

This has led to several interesting effects.

First, I got many responses and I will take advantage of these responses to derive improvement actions. A big thank you to all who responded!

Then, I had many requests from contacts who clearly associated the survey with imminent professional change. A big thank you for their support!

Without going into the details of this test, I think it could be a good idea to perform this kind of test during the initiation phase of work with a team. However the solution I am looking for should provide more regular opportunities for interaction.

To be continued!

If you wonder why this picture? It’s probably because you do not know 360 🙂