Richard and Open Source…

GNU_30th_badgeDo you know this guy?

It’s Richard Stallman , the initiator of the free software movement ( the gnu movement celebrates its 30th anniversary this year ).

I use this picture of Richard Stallman in a presentation I gave on several occasions (AgileTour Brussels, Open World Forum, French Scrum User Group…). This presentation is named : “The Agile and Open Source Way“.

When Richard Stallman’s image is displayed, I ask participants if they know this person. Depending on the audience, the number of raised hands is variable. I explain why Richard Stallman would probably not appreciate being associated with an “Open Source” presentation and I encourage them to read the excellent article: “Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software“. To sum up, we could say that Open Source is interested in practical benefits (quality, reliability, performance …) of the four freedoms, putting aside the moral values ​​of free software.

I use this to draw a parallel with what is happening since the publication of the agile manifesto in 2001.
Some are interested in the values ​​and principles of the Agile Manifesto, others to certain practices of agile methods: allowing the user satisfaction, better quality, better predictability …

The difference ​​between “Making Agile” and “Being agile”.

Thank you Pascal, for making me notice that the slideshare presentation needed clarification on intentions.