Three Questions to Replace You

What are the three questions you would ask a potential Chief of Staff that would replace you?

The Chief of Staff role is multi-faceted and highly dependant on the company, the principal, and the context in which people operate. I collected a few thoughts and links about the role in the Tech Industry a while back.

Maxine Litre wrote an article for the Chief of Staff Network on How to Find the Right Fit in the Interview Process. The article made me think of the questions I would ask if I had to replace myself in my current role.

Interview questions reveal the essential characteristics of a role. So I wondered what I could learn about the Chief of Staff role from the questions others would ask.

This is what motivates me to ask you: What are the three questions you would ask a potential candidate who would replace you in your current role? (Use the form linked, drop me a message on LinkedIn, or an email).

I will compile the answers in an article (and of course credit each of you).

When? Why wait? The sooner, the better!

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