Alexis Monville (en)

Funny thing about launching a book…

A day takes a long time to travel around the world.

So, we set the book to go live on Amazon on May 1, and here in Australia, and over where Alexis is in France it’s May 1 and the book is available on and

But isn’t quite at May 1 yet, although by the time you read this it might be.

Anyhow. As soon as it’s May 1 in your part of the world (hope the weather’s good there btw) head over to your country’s amazon site and search for:

“I am a Software Engineer and I am in Charge”

We hope you buy it.
We hope you read it.
We hope you enjoy it.
But most importantly, we hope you do something with it.

Amazon reviews are most welcome.

And of course, feel free to reach out to Alexis and me if you’d like to discuss it—