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Happy holidays

I guess that a lot of you are getting ready for the upcoming holidays. I wish you will have some good time with your families and friends.

Six months after the first publication of Changing Your Team From The Inside, I counted the published versions. There are 14 versions of the book published so far. I continue to work on improving the book to take into account your feedback. So, keep them coming and thank you!

Two fantastic coaches are reviewing the book chapter by chapter right now. I will tell you more about them next year. Our goals are to produce an incrementally improved version and to collect the improvements needed for a second edition. And, of course, whatever the version you bought, you always have access to the electronic latest version. Drop me a note if you don’t know how to get it.

I chose to end all the chapters of my book, Changing Your Team From The Inside, with a section titled “Summary and Action”. The goal of those sections is to give you keys to act immediately on your environment. Learn more about one of the key practices and how readers are using it in this article.

Another book discussion club chose my book for their monthly discussion, and they even took the time to send me detailed feedback. Thank you very much!

If you want to do more to spread the message of the book, a review on goodreads would be great! I suggest a five-star rating 🙂

I will give conferences in Boston and Montreal in January, more details in the next newsletter.

Happy holidays!

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