Alexis Monville (en)

What a Month!

Last month on July 1st, and thanks to your support, I published Changing Your Team From The Inside. It has been a great month! (If a friend sent you this message, you could subscribe to the mailing-list following the link).

I learned some of you organized several book discussion clubs. It is fantastic to see the book selected for discussions! It will give me a lot of suggestions to improve the future editions of the book. As a reminder, whatever version you choose to purchase, you are entitled to get all the forthcoming revision of the electronic version.

The question I would like to ask readers is: “What do you need to give the book a 5-star rating?

As you probably already know, ratings help readers to pick their next book, so if you can rate the book on,,, and, you will help me!
And of course, if you can send me or publish a review that will help me to improve the book, it will be even better!

I published an article, What is the top requirement for high-impact teams, on, please tell me what you think using the comments or by dropping me a note at Sharing and liking the article will help me too.

Several people already purchased the team edition of the book, and I am scheduling the discussions with the different teams. I will report back on the blog, what we learned from the conversations. The last post is On Consultants reacting to the Steve Jobs talk recently published by the MIT Sloan School of Management.

As I live in Boston, I am available for talks in the area, in North America, or further away. I announced a few weeks back the travel to France in November, I will speak at Agile Grenoble and Agile Rennes, and the trip will give me opportunities to meet with other people, organizations, and companies. Let me know if you are interested! Also, If you attended one of my talks in the past years, please provide a testimonial on SpeakerHub!

As usual, I will be happy to hear from you, please answer to that message, or send me a message on Twitter or LinkedIn. I will be happy to answer your questions or read your feedback.

Thank you!