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  • Hand Signals for Virtual Meeting

    Hand Signals for Virtual Meeting

    One person asks a question, not even a rhetorical one, followed by an awkward silence.

  • Resolution for the Exhausted

    Resolution for the Exhausted

    What seemed to be a long time ago, I started my first post of the year by telling you that I opened a Gym Club in January and told you what happened to that club in February. More important, you will find in the post mentioned above suggestion to keep up with your resolutions. The…

  • How do we Communicate?

    How do we communicate is a really important question to ask when the team is up to define its Team Agreements. Valve, the game company published its Handbook for New Employees in 2012. The subtitle provides information on how their approach to communication will have to be different: A fearless adventure in knowing what to…

  • Team Agreements

    Team Agreements

    In the book, Changing Your Team From The Inside, I touched several times the notion of Team Agreements. Team Agreements are critical to the success of a team. By writing your team agreements, you define your standard. You set the baseline that you will improve in the future. In the team agreements, you answer the…