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  • Playing to Win

    Playing to Win

    In exploring leadership and organizational strategies, I’ve often navigated the delicate balance of language and its impact on team dynamics and individual mindset. The concept of ‘winning’ can be a double-edged sword—while it inspires some, it might instigate fear or paralysis in others who dread the prospect of losing. This aversion to a win/lose dichotomy…

  • Revisiting ‘Good Strategy Bad Strategy’

    Revisiting ‘Good Strategy Bad Strategy’

    In my latest reading journey, I revisited a cornerstone of strategic thinking, “Good Strategy Bad Strategy” by Richard Rumelt. This masterpiece, which I’ve always held in high regard for its insightful analysis and practical advice, struck a new chord with me, illuminating facets of strategy with even greater clarity. My return to Rumelt’s wisdom was…