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  • What to Nurture in Sustainable and High-Impact Organizations?

    What to Nurture in Sustainable and High-Impact Organizations?

    by Alexis Monville and Jérôme Bourgeon. When old innovations depreciate quickly, and new ones become a standard in a short time, how to facilitate your organization’s resiliency, agility, and responsiveness to an ever-changing ecosystem? How to attract and retain talents? How to keep them focused, motivated, and engaged in our ever more challenging new hybrid…

  • Human-Centric Agility Coaching

    Human-Centric Agility Coaching

    Geof Ellingham, Business agility champion and leadership coach, gave his insights about Agile Coaching in this new episode of Le Podcast.

  • The Art of Gathering

    The Art of Gathering

    I have been asked thousands of times to facilitate small or large gatherings. When I worked on Changing Your Team From The Inside, I wanted to make clear that self-organization is the most powerful way for people to organize, but that based on their history, you will need to help them get there. You will…

  • The Breakfast Huddle on Innovation Fatigue

    The Breakfast Huddle on Innovation Fatigue

    While I was travelling to Singapore, I have been invited to discuss innovation with Eliott Danker on MoneyFM. Thanks to Eliott interviewing talent, we touched on a lot of different aspects: Innovation fatigue Sustainability Burnout Innovation and customer experience Team organization preventing people to innovate Inclusivity of different perspectives Management of talented individual Manager role…

  • How well managed is your company?

    The median answer to that question is 7 in the World Management Survey. The results on that particular item demonstrate how false perceptions come into play when we are evaluating our own company and our abilities. As discussed in the article, Why do we undervalue competent management,  false perceptions undermines our ability to evaluate how…

  • Organization Maturity Model

    Organization Maturity Model

    The publication of the Open Organization Maturity Model reminded me that we had the goal to use a similar approach. Why do we want to use a maturity model? A maturity model is, as said on Wikipedia, “a measurement of the ability of an organization for continuous improvement in a particular discipline”. So, our goal…

  • How Agile and Open Source work together in (nearly) perfect harmony

    How Agile and Open Source work together in (nearly) perfect harmony

    This article is based on the talk I gave for the Red Hat Agile Day in Raleigh on October 11, 2016. The conversation about agile and Open Source usually starts with an interruption in this form: Agile will not work in an Open Source context because… That’s usually how a conversation will start, and that’s…

  • Contribute to the Success of OpenStack

    Contribute to the Success of OpenStack

    During the OpenStack Summit in Austin, Mark McLoughlin and I delivered a talk titled: “Contribute to the Success of OpenStack”. Our talk was meant to explain how we were inspired by agile values and principles to improve our internal organization, and how we thought it could impact our ability to contribute more effectively to the…

  • Beyond Measure

    Beyond Measure

    Beyond Measure: The Big Impact of Small Changes is a book by Margaret Heffernan published by TED. And it starts with: Trust The author suggests an exercise for team members. Form pairs in which one will ask a real question and listen for 5 minutes: “Who you really are?”, “What do you want in life?”.…

  • Let us code!

    Let us code!

    I started this article a long time ago. And that’s a comment from a person I work with that triggered the sense of urgency to contribute to solving this problem. He said: Stop interrupting us! Let us code! I became sensitive to interruptions when I discovered the Pomodoro method, subject that I covered in this…