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  • Resolution for the Exhausted

    Resolution for the Exhausted

    What seemed to be a long time ago, I started my first post of the year by telling you that I opened a Gym Club in January and told you what happened to that club in February. More important, you will find in the post mentioned above suggestion to keep up with your resolutions. The…

  • The worst presentation ever

    The worst presentation ever

    Last week, I attended Agile Games New England. The last day of the conference uses Open Space Technology which is the best way to organize and run a conference. With an Open Space, all attendees are active participants. They define the program and choose which sessions to contribute. They also have the freedom to leave…

  • ALE15 best conference this year

    ALE15 best conference this year

    I am just back from ALE15, the fifth edition of the self organized conference from the Agile Lean Europe network. As usual, I feel really good when I am back, as if this edition was the best edition ever… I am started to get used to this feeling, as I only missed one edition, in…

  • Open Space @ AgileTour Bordeaux

    Open Space @ AgileTour Bordeaux

    L’édition 2014 de l’AgileTour Bordeaux se déroulait pour la première fois sur 2 jours.  Le samedi après-midi était consacré à un Open Space (ou Forum Ouvert) que l’équipe d’organisation m’a proposé de faciliter. Qu’est-ce qu’un Open Space ? L’Open Space est une méthode pour structurer les conversations d’un groupe de personnes. Vous pouvez trouver plus…