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  • New Experiment for Effective Meetings: Discovery One-on-One

    New Experiment for Effective Meetings: Discovery One-on-One

    Hello, Ever struggled with breaking the ice in meetings with new colleagues or clients? I’m excited to share a unique approach from our book, “I am a Software Engineer and I am in Charge,” that transforms these encounters. 🎯 Introducing: Discovery One-on-One 🤔 What Is It? This is a structured yet flexible approach to prepare…

  • Crossed-interviews with Appreciative Inquiry

    Crossed-interviews with Appreciative Inquiry

    In a previous post, I described a great approach to get people to get to know each other a little bit more thanks to a fantastic one-on-one format. Try it, you will see yourself, it is really fantastic! Another approach to get people to know each other is to use Appreciative Inquiry. I used nearly…

  • Discovery One on One

    Discovery One on One

    I chose to end all the chapters of my book, Changing Your Team From The Inside, with a section titled “Summary and Action”. The goal of those sections is to give you keys to act immediately on your environment. I regularly received feedback about how great it was to have exercises to practice directly and…