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  • The Matrix of Principles

    The Matrix of Principles

    The Matrix of Principles is a reflection tool to capture how stakeholders understand Deming’s 14 Management Principles. Reflecting on the management principles enables the team to share their beliefs on management, to share their views on where the organization is, and to identify areas for improvement. Follow the few steps below Take a blank sheet…

  • Kanjis at Agile Games France

    Kanjis at Agile Games France

    The 2018 edition of Agile Games France just ended a few days ago. What is extraordinary about this unconference? The non-organization principle is pushed to the extreme, and reminded from the start to the participants: “If you want something to happen, do it” as it’s originator, Alexandre Boutin, repeats each year during the less than…

  • The Evolution of Trust

    The Evolution of Trust

    When forming a team, or starting to work with a team, I usually start with the foundation of a team: Trust. I even used several times, the book from Patrick Lencioni: The Five Dysfunction of a Team, obviously because the “Absence of Trust” is the base of the pyramid. I remember playing 2 times, with…