Le Podcast Le Podcast - Season One

Jason’s Thirteen Rules of a Team

In this episode of Le Podcast, I had the great pleasure to receive Jason McKerr. Jason is the Engineering leader for Management and Automation at Red Hat (great things like Ansible, Insights, Satellite…) My objective was to have Jason explained his Thirteen Rules of a Team which I discovered during one mentoring session with one […]


Hierarchy and Decision Making

Erin Meyer covers how cultural differences in leadership styles create unexpected misunderstandings [Being the Boss in Brussels, Boston, and Beijing of the last issue of Harvard Business Review]. Looking at how people behave towards hierarchy is not enough to understand what kind of leadership style they will expect. A second dimension needs to be taken […]


Les Solutions d’Informatique décisionnelle

L’Adullact vient de publier sur son site un état de l’art des solutions d’informatique décisionnelle sous licence libre (de la Business Intelligence Open Source). Ce document très complet est téléchargeable sur la plate-forme de l’Adullact associé à d’autres ressources très utiles :