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Emilien Macchi

French and Canadian citizen; I work for Red Hat (which is part of IBM) in the OpenStack Engineering organization.

My primary focus is the deployment of OpenShift, Red Hat’s Kubernetes distro, where I help to run it on top of OpenStack clouds, one of the biggest Open-Source projects in charge of Infrastructure-As-A-Service.

After spending 10 years to make OpenStack deployments a better experience for both the community and Red Hat customers, I’m currently working on both the Kubernetes and OpenStack projects, to make sure they integrate well together.

Over my career, I had the chance to acquire a strong experience in automating everything for large scale deployments using multiple technologies.
Technical and team leader at Red Hat, I’m developing leadership skills with passion for team work and technical challenges. I love sharing my knowledge and I often give talks to Open-Source conferences around the world.

When I’m not working on OpenStack, I’m exploring Canada, where I’ve lived for 8 years.
I’m also a Private Pilot flying Cessna 172 mainly (current PPL, preparing IFR/CPL).

Appears on Le Podcast on Emerging Leadership episode

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