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Bart den Haak

Bart den Haak is an authority on Objectives and Key Results in Europe. He has more than 10 years’ experience of applying OKRs and training professionals on their usage. As an international speaker, he inspires people to start using the OKR goal setting technique that has changed the course of many tech giants like Google, Facebook and Intel. He helps executive teams all over the world like Nike, ING, BinckBank (part of SaxoBank), Mural, Jampp, Mambu, Backbase, and to use OKRs to their advantage. He coaches both executive and operational teams in applying OKRs to their fullest potential.

Bart holds a Bachelor Degree in IT and Organisation Management and Master degree in Software Engineering. He has a strong background (20+ years) in software engineering and Agile Product Development, which makes him the ideal candidate for advising SaaS companies and their leaders on how to change the way in which they operate. Having advised and coached hundreds of leaders and their teams worldwide, Bart decided to use his wealth of knowledge and insight to write a book that goes beyond the basics of OKRs.

Today, as the founder of “Moving the Needle”, he helps technology companies to define their most critical Objectives. To move their needle, he works with executives, senior management and Lean and Agile (software) teams to strengthen their current way of working with this state-of-the-art goal setting methodology. Bart regularly speaks about these topics at public conferences or private in-house events.

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