25 years ago, I have been told that I should read autobiography of famous people to understand how they found their way to achieve great things.

I did not understood the advice. My understanding was that looking at famous people was a little bit like what poor magazines are doing following the life of rich and celebs.

I was wrong.

When I read Benjamin Franklin autobiography in 2016, I understood the advice; a little bit late; I discover why it was so interesting to read people who are telling the stories of their life.

Autobiographers are trying to share what they learned during their journey in hope that it could help others.

There’s probably some ego involved in the process, and when you read autobiography, you could need to deal with that, with a nice smile on your face: yes, sometimes what we are doing is definitely ego driven.

To give you an idea of things I should have discovered earlier:

  • how he found a system to create good habits (based on a calendar where you mark your success and that helps you reflect on what needs more focus or improvement)
  • how he discovered the ideal size of a group for a meaningful conversation (the answer is maximum 12 people)
  • how he refused patents for one of the invention because it was for “the good of the people”
  • and many other things

The question is now, what is the next one I should read?

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