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New Experiment Alert: The Matrix of Principles

Hello, Thought Leaders and Team Builders!

Are you looking to deepen your team’s understanding of effective management and identify areas for improvement? I’m excited to share our next experiment from the book, “I am a Software Engineer and I am in Charge.”

🎯 Introducing: The Matrix of Principles

🤔 What Is It? This is a reflective tool designed to explore Deming’s 14 Management Principles and how they resonate within your team and organization.

🌟 Why Use It? It’s a powerful way to align on management beliefs, assess the current state of their application in your organization, and spark conversations on how to evolve.

👣 How It Works

1️⃣ Draw a 2×2 matrix on paper or a whiteboard.

2️⃣ The horizontal axis gauges agreement with a principle; the vertical, its application in your organization.

3️⃣ Place the principles on the matrix, using different colors for each team member.

4️⃣ Discuss outliers and collective insights to inspire actionable improvements.

📝 Note: This tool isn’t limited to Deming’s principles. Try it with the Agile Manifesto principles or any others that are relevant to your team!

🔄 Why It Matters Understanding and applying sound management principles is crucial for any team’s success. The Matrix of Principles helps make abstract concepts tangible and actionable.

📚 Keen to explore more? This is just one of the many practices we delve into. Stay tuned for more insights and check out our book I am in Charge.

👇 How do you ensure your team’s principles are not just understood but lived? Share your strategies in the comments!