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The Happiness Advantage


The Happiness Advantage is a book from Shawn Achor describing the seven principles that fuel success and performance at work and in life in general.

The main idea of positive psychology is that happiness comes before success.

What are those 7 principles:

  1. The Happiness Advantage. Training ourselves to focus on the positive boost our performance and our relationship ability.
  2. The Fulcrum and the lever. The fulcrum is our mindset, the way we see the events that occurs. The lever is our potential (we believe we have…)
  3. The Tetris Effect. Training ourselves to look for positive patterns drives us to detect and seize opportunities.
  4. Falling Up. There’s two different paths after failure down toward depression, or up to learning and growth. It’s up to us to choose the one we want to follow.
  5. The Zorro Circle. Agilists will find this one obvious. When faced with a complex situation, focus on small steps we can handle.
  6. The 20-second Rule. Form habits with small tasks that can be started fast.
  7. Social Investment. Because social support is the predictor of your future success.

Shawn Achor finishes is book explaining how behavior (good or bad) is contagious. Probably a good thing to know to start something 🙂

I recommend this useful book 🙂

In future posts, I will tell you about how we are struggling with our Happiness Index at eNovance, and what I learn from “The Science of Happiness”, the Berkeley course I am following on edx.

You can also watch this TED Talk from the Author:

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