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Dans la Dèche au Royaume Enchanté

Dans la Dèche au Royaume Enchanté est une livre de Cory Doctorow (boingboing). Ce roman m’a été recommandé par Julien Dorra lors d’une soirée des Explorateurs Du Web consacrée au monnaies complémentaires. Pour cela un très grand merci !

Le livre est sorti depuis longtemps, aussi je me bornerais à vous dire : “lisez le et vous comprendrez la puissance des monnaies complémentaires dites d’appréciation et vous aurez vous aussi envie de les adopter !”.

Une anecdote malgré tout, la description en une page de l’intérêt de dépasser l’approche classique des projets (cascade, cycle en V) pour aller vers l’agilité est excellente ! La voici en anglais :

“Okay, so tell me, if we came to you with this plan and asked you to pull together a production schedule—one that didn’t have any review, just take the idea and run with it—and then pull it off, how long would it take you to execute it?”
Lil smiled primly. She’d dealt with Imagineering before.
“About five years,” he said, almost instantly.
“Five years?” I squawked. “Why five years? Debra’s people overhauled the Hall in a month!”
“Oh, wait,” he said. “No review at all?”
“No review. Just come up with the best way you can to do this, and do it. And we can provide you with unlimited, skilled labor, three shifts around the clock.”
He rolled his eyes back and ticked off days on his fingers while muttering under his breath. He was a tall, thin man with a shock of curly dark hair that he smoothed unconsciously with surprisingly stubby fingers while he thought.
“About eight weeks,” he said. “Barring accidents, assuming off-the-shelf parts, unlimited labor, capable management, material availability . . .”
He trailed off again, and his short fingers waggled as he pulled up a HUD and started making a list.
“Wait,” Lil said, alarmed. “How do you get from five years to eight weeks?”
Now it was my turn to smirk. I’d seen how Imagineering worked when they were on their own, building prototypes and conceptual mockups—I knew that the real bottleneck was the constant review and revisions, the ever-fluctuating groupmind consensus of the ad-hoc that commissioned their work.
Suneep looked sheepish. “Well, if all I have to do is satisfy myself that my plans are good and my buildings won’t fall down, I can make it happen very fast. Of course, my plans aren’t perfect. Sometimes, I’ll be halfway through a project when someone suggests a new flourish or approach that makes the whole thing immeasurably better. Then it’s back to the drawing board . . . So I stay at the drawing board for a long time at the start, get feedback from other Imagineers, from the ad-hocs, from focus groups and the Net. Then we do reviews at every stage of construction, check to see if anyone has had a great idea we haven’t thought of and incorporate it, sometimes rolling back the work.
“It’s slow, but it works.”
Lil was flustered. “But if you can do a complete revision in eight weeks, why not just finish it, then plan another revision, do that one in eight weeks, and so on? Why take five years before anyone can ride the thing?”
“Because that’s how it’s done,” I said to Lil. “But that’s not how it has to be done. That’s how we’ll save the Mansion.”

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En français et en poche, c’est ici : Dans la Dèche au Royaume Enchanté