Bridges and Hierarchy

Mark McLoughlin delivered the Red Hat Keynote, on the morning of the second day of the Openstack Summit in Vancouver.

During the afternoon, he delivered a more intimate talk about the governance of the Openstack project.
The main idea is that, the new Big Tent organization model will allow the emergence of new projects, and it can be the time to redefine the main values that will help the project contributors to take the good decisions.

Mark started his talk refering to the Keynote Eben Moglen gave in Auckland at LCA 2015. In this keynote, Eben Moglen explained that the hierarchical organization model that we all know very well, is the model of the 20th century, and that the organization of the 21st century will be based on transparency, participation and non-hierarchical collaboration, like it is in free software.

Mark continued his introduction with a reference to Andy Hunt’s blog post, The Failure of Agile. Andy Hunt is one of the original writer of the agile manifesto, so when it came to discuss agile, we can at least consider him seriously. The main point of this article is that a lot of people lot’s the agile way by focusing on a set of practices, forgeting the agile values and principles. They are focused on doing agile, and they forgot that depending on your experience, if your are a beginer in a practice, you need clear directives to learn how things work, and more and more your skills are developing you will need coaching on the go, and then you will need some support, and then you will be fully autonomous and during this journey you will have adapted the initial set of practices living the agile values and principles.

That reminds me the stickers I had printed for an agile conference:
When I recieved the stikers at this point, I was thinking… humm I should have crossed also “be” and put “learn” instead… because this is really what we are doing here…

So Mark proposed those 4 high level ideas that can become the high level principles we can refer to as an Openstack contributor :

diverse interests, but a shared vision, based on consensus
individuals and interactions over processes and tools
leadership through empowerment, empathy and trust
every advance must ultimately iterate from the bottom up

And I encourage you to watch the talk to understand the details of his proposal.

Happiness is Coming

I had the great pleasure to deliver the opening keynote of April 17, 2015 of the Drupal Developer Days in Montpellier. The selected theme was Happiness…

Here are the slides:

And a selection of tweets:

Thank you for your great feedbacks and for the great conversations that followed!

I feel ready for the next DrupalCon 😉

Soutenez le développement du logiciel libre

Priorité au Logiciel Libre! Je soutiens l'April.
En lisant ce billet, vous pouvez être dans plusieurs situations :

  • Vous connaissez le logiciel libre, vous en utilisez, et vous ne voyez pas pourquoi il est nécessaire de le soutenir,
  • Vous connaissez le logiciel libre, mais ne voyez pas pourquoi il est nécessaire d’agir pour le promouvoir et parfois pour le défendre,
  • Vous ne connaissez par le logiciel libre, et donc…

Dans tous les cas, je vous invite à essayer d’en savoir plus, et à découvrir pourquoi il est indispensable de soutenir le logiciel libre et pourquoi je vous invite à soutenir l’April.

Ou bien :

  • Vous connaissez le logiciel libre, vous en utilisez et vous soutenez déjà l’april,
  • Ou dans une autre situation, mais vous avez compris mon intention n’est-ce pas ?



Richard and Open Source…

GNU_30th_badgeDo you know this guy?

It’s Richard Stallman , the initiator of the free software movement ( the gnu movement celebrates its 30th anniversary this year ).

I use this picture of Richard Stallman in a presentation I gave on several occasions (AgileTour Brussels, Open World Forum, French Scrum User Group…). This presentation is named : “The Agile and Open Source Way“.

When Richard Stallman’s image is displayed, I ask participants if they know this person. Depending on the audience, the number of raised hands is variable. I explain why Richard Stallman would probably not appreciate being associated with an “Open Source” presentation and I encourage them to read the excellent article: “Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software“. To sum up, we could say that Open Source is interested in practical benefits (quality, reliability, performance …) of the four freedoms, putting aside the moral values ​​of free software.

I use this to draw a parallel with what is happening since the publication of the agile manifesto in 2001.
Some are interested in the values ​​and principles of the Agile Manifesto, others to certain practices of agile methods: allowing the user satisfaction, better quality, better predictability …

The difference ​​between “Making Agile” and “Being agile”.

Thank you Pascal, for making me notice that the slideshare presentation needed clarification on intentions.

The Agile and Open Source Way

Calque1This new session about The Agile and Open Source Way received great feedbacks from Open World Forum attendees.

Attendees from this conference knew a lot more about open source software than the attendees of my previous session in Brussels. They were not knowing so much about the organization of the Openstack project used in the talk to inspire others to scale agile and improve their software quality.


Recherche et vie privée

duckduckgoIl semble que les dernières révélations sur l’utilisation des données faites par certains géants du web réveillent l’intérêt pour des solutions alternatives.
En effet, le moteur de recherche DuckDuckGo qui se place en défenseur de la vie privée et utilise une partie de ses recettes pour financer des projets libres a vu son trafic augmenter à 77 millions de pages vues en juin 2013 contre 54 millions le mois précédent.

Pour consulter le graphique du trafic c’est ici :
A vous d’essayer, vous serez étonné :

Mind Map

Mindmup_logo_blue_spider256pxMindMup est un outil permettant de faire du mind mapping en ligne.
Le logiciel est sous licence libre et les avertissements de service sont rassurants.

A essayer et adopter à cette adresse :

Consulter le blog de MindMup pour en savoir plus, pour proposer de nouvelles fonctionnalités :

Les MindMap sont des cartes mentales ou des cartes heuristiques, en savoir plus dans cet article de wikipedia.