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Welcome to our podcast guest page, where you can find a list of all the inspiring guests who have appeared on our show. Our guests come from a variety of fields and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in emerging leadership, agile, organization, and management.

Each guest has contributed their unique perspectives and insights to help us better understand the challenges and opportunities facing leaders today. You can find references to their books, articles, and other publications, as well as means to contact them directly.

We hope you’ll find this page a valuable resource for learning and inspiration, and we encourage you to explore the diverse range of voices and ideas represented here.

Jared Kleinert

Jared Kleinert is the Founder/CEO of Offsite. If you’re planning a team retreat, Offsite can…

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Jason McKerr

Jason McKerr is the VP of Engineering, Americas at Pendo. He was previously VP, Engineering…

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Jeremy Brown

I bridge the gap between the technology team and the business functions (marketing, sales, account…

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John Poelstra

Experienced, certified professional coach to mid-career leaders in software and finance. I love helping professionals…

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Joseph Jacks

Joseph is the founder and General Partner of OSS Capital, a fund that exclusively focuses…

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Julien Danjou

For the past 25 years, I’ve been involved in the Free Software movement and ecosystem….

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Jurgen Appelo

As a serial founder, successful entrepreneur, author, and speaker, I am pioneering in the areas…

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Lisette Sutherland

Lisette Sutherland is a remote-working, German-born, Dutch-American living in the Netherlands – jazzed by the…

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Lucinda Duncalfe

Serial entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of AboveBoard, an inclusive platform for executive search. Appears on Le Podcast…

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Mary Provinciatto

I’m passionate about innovation and product development and I have a solid experience in leading…

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