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Avi Liran

Avi Liran is the CDO at Delivering Delight. CDO stands for Chief Delighting Officer.

Traveling the world on a mission to delight one person, one workplace at a time.

Learning and researching about creating positive and happier cultures to foster delightful employee experiences, thereby retaining, engaging and empowering them to in turn, deliver delightful customer experiences. Avi’s keynote talks seek to inspire audiences while his training programs aim to help organisations make delightful transformations.

With over 20 years of leadership in the corporate world (as a former diplomat trade commissioner and venture capital entrepreneur), Avi stands on stage to share real life experiences, case studies, stories and original thought provoking recipes that are easy to learn but sure to make an astounding impact.

Ever since he was young, Avi has a strong desire and talent to make a difference and a happier world. He wakes up every day with a purposeful goal to help organisations positively transform their workplaces to be happier. Workplaces where people thrive with positivity and outperform.

A light bulb moment came to him in 2006, after reading his business partner, Lenny Ravich’s book – “Everlasting Optimism,” and alas, Delivering Delight was born.

Avi believes in igniting one’s inner joy through the convergence of digital and human transformation, unleashing the potential to deliver higher energy, service, engagement, and performance.

The result? The cultivation of stronger customer loyalty.

If you believe in cultivating a Delightful Employee Experience which empowers employees to deliver Delightful Customer Experiences and are interested in joining Avi on a journey to positively change your organization’s culture, let us know!

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