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Office not required

Office not required

Remote, Office not required is a book from Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson 37 Signals cofounders (the company is called Basecamp nowdays).

Capture d’écran 2014-05-20 à 22.32.17Remote is a plea for remote working. It provides arguments and solutions to those who want to try to work remotely or even organize their business so she could spend offices.

Some arguments you will find in the book among others:

  • Collaboration and communication tools are here, the missing upgrade is the human mind
  • Work don’t happen at work because of interruptions. People who have an important job to do… will do it elsewhere.

Mc Gregor’s Theory X and Theory Y, will help to understand the weakness of the arguments of opponents of remote working:

  • If I don’t see them, how would I know that they are working?
  • If I see them, I can control them

We need a mutual trust to work together… And we need to manage work, and not the presence of people on their chairs.

The book, composed of small posts, addressed also: tools, tips to work from home, coworking spaces, starting to introduce remote working in a team, work from home with customers, recruitment and onboarding.

There’s also a chapter on Open Source learnings, my favorite subject !

Hacker à vendre…

Hacker à vendre…

Pas si facile d’acheter un hacker…

C’est pourtant ce que vous propose Hacker-Trade.com… Enfin, ce que propose Hacker-Trade aux clients dont le but à un sens (traduction approximative du très efficace no-nonsense clients).

Cela permettra à certains hackers de travailler en voyageant, ou de voyager en travaillant… Comme l’explique très bien Xavier Antoviaque, un des fondateurs du site dans son article.

Que vous soyez Hacker ou Client, vous pouvez faire acte de candidature sur le site…



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